Extraction wall

The extraction wall is designed to work with devices with a recommended flow of 4000 m³/h (e.g. CleanAir IMBIBE). The large surface of the wall perfectly fulfils its task, among others for grinding or mechanical cutting. Technical data:



The Automatic Precoating System is a peripheral device that automatically releases a special precoat powder at strictly defined intervals. It forms a protective coating on the surface of the filter cartridge to extend its lifespan and support the cleaning process. Precoat powder properties: absorption of moisture and greasy fractions deposited on the cartridges cartridge lifespan […]



The industrial diffuser NP2-180 supplies clean air directly to workplaces, e.g. in industrial halls. It ensures air distribution according to the normative air speed in the working area.  Technical data:

Ramię odciągowe

Extraction arms

Used as work station extracting vents. In mobile devices, standing versions with up to 3 meters range, while in large devices, hanging versions with up to 6-8 meters range with outriggers.  Technical data:

CleanAir SE-WO

SE-WO is water pre-separator. In the case of manufacturing processes, which produce sparks or more incandescent fractions that may ignite filter cartridges, it is reasonable to apply pre-separator before the filter.  Technical data: