CleanAir Basic

CleanAir BASIC

Used in processes such as:

  • thermal and mechanical cutting
  • welding
  • grinding
  • polishing
  • pouring
  • processing of plastics
  • other bothersome industrial processes requiring air purification

BASIC is a mobile filtering and ventilation device, designed for workshop works on the sites contaminated with heterogeneous dusts.
This unit is used at the processes of welding, grinding, pouring and wherever the dusts are generated (also adhesive, moisture or greasy ones). CleanAir Basic is adapted for cooperating with one standing extraction arm with diameter of 160 mm and range up to 2 m.
The main filter element is capacity filter cartridge. The device contains also metal pre-filter and final filter of carbon impregnated fabric.
The device controller informs the user on the necessity of the filter element replacement.
CleanAir Basic is powered from the 230V mains and it does not require compressed air for the operation.


  • The devices must not be used for the filtration of chemically aggressive or explosive compounds.
  • Maximum temperature of supplied air must not exceed 60°C.
  • The device may only be applied indoors.
Performance curve
Technical data: