CleanAir Cleanse 3000

Cleanse 3000

Used in processes such as:

  • grinding
  • thermal and mechanical cutting
  • welding
  • pouring
  • processing of plastics
  • other bothersome industrial processes requiring air purification

The device is designed to extract and purify the air from dry, non-sticky, chemically non-aggressive and non-explosive dust. It can be used to protect several workplaces (workplace ventilation). The main filtering elements are filter cartridges cleaned automatically with a compressed air impulse. Initial separation is performed by a multi-cyclone system. Thanks to the high filtration efficiency (99.9%), the purified air can recirculate in rooms (the air is ejected from the device in four directions with 315 mm diameter stub pipes).

The device is divided into four sections:

  1. fan section
    • fan and end-filter (acting as a silencer)
  2. air tank section
    • 70 l air tank
    • 3 solenoid valves (1.5 inch)
  3. filters section
    • chamber with multi-cyclones
    • 3 cartridge filters
  4. container section
    • chute system
    • dust containers (2 x 50 l.)


  • modular design
  • easy assembly and connection,
  • capacity control – inverter
  • easy-to-empty dust containers

 Stages filtration:

  • chamber with multi-cyclones
  • cartridges filter

Health and safety at work:

  • low sound level
  • dust filtration: 99.9%
  • protection against voltage fluctuations


  • The devices must not be used for the filtration of chemically aggressive or explosive compounds.
  • Maximum temperature of supplied air must not exceed 60°C.

Technical data:

Performance curve