stół szlifierski filtr

GRIND tables

GRIND is used for extracting pollutants generated during the process of grinding, polishing or cleaning the equipment with manual tools.
The table GRIND has its own filtering and ventilation system, and its ergonomics allows for comfortable work and operation; it has, among the others, a socket for power tools, a socket with connection for pneumatic devices and side shelves for manual tools. At the upper part of the table there is a lamp which illuminates perfectly the workplace.
While doing the grinding a heavy dust falls down on the grating, and then down into the main drawer, whereas the volatile fractions present nearby the vertical wall are sucked and accumulated in the filter surface. The fan sucks the air through the wall and after filtration it ejects it vertically up.
Max. load of table: 70 kg.


  • Modular construction
  • Work top 1000x700mm
  • Steel gratings (option: wooden)
  • Electric socket
  • Pneumatic socket
  • Easy access to the tools – shelf
  • Platform

Three-stage filtration

  • Expansion chamber
  • Metal filter
  • Pocket filter

Security and occupational hygiene

  • Low sound level
  • Air filtration 99,9% of grinding dust
Technical data: