CleanAir IMBIBE otwarty

IMBIBE 2000 / 4000, IMBIBE HT

Used in processes such as:

  • thermal and mechanical cutting
  • grinding
  • polishing
  • pouring
  • processing of plastics
  • other bothersome industrial processes requiring air purification

Filtration device with water pre-separator.

IMBIBE HT (High Temperature) version is specially designed to work with paint drying ovens.

Four stage filtration

  • Metal filter
  • Water pre-separator
  • Pocket filter / Ultrakomp filter (HT version)
  • Progressive carbon filter

Occupational safety and health:

  • low sound level
  • Air filtration 99,9% of grinding dust
  • Expansion chamber–„spark catcher”


  • The devices must not be used for the filtration of chemically aggressive or explosive compounds.
  • Maximum temperature of supplied air must not exceed 60°C.
  • The device may only be applied indoors.
Performance curve
Technical data: