Extraction wall

The extraction wall is designed to work with devices with a recommended flow of 4000 m³/h (e.g. CleanAir IMBIBE). The large surface of the wall perfectly fulfils its task, among others for grinding or mechanical cutting. Technical data:



CleanPatron is a device designed for cleaning filter cartridges. The cleaning device works wherever the operation of pulse filters takes place in difficult conditions (when there is a large load of dusty air on 1 m2 of filtering surface). The device is used when the filter cartridges, due to the high dust load, have too low […]

CA BagBox BagBox filtrowentylacja przemysłowa odpylanie


Used in processes such as: mechanical cutting welding grinding polishing sanding other bothersome industrial processes requiring air purification BagBox devices are used to protect workplaces (workplace ventilation). Thanks to the high filtration efficiency, the purified air can recirculate in rooms.The CleanAir BagBox 1000 comes as standard with an extraction unit equipped with an EcoFlow 1000 […]

CleanAir Cleanse 3000

Cleanse 3000

Used in processes such as: grinding thermal and mechanical cutting welding pouring processing of plastics other bothersome industrial processes requiring air purification The device is designed to extract and purify the air from dry, non-sticky, chemically non-aggressive and non-explosive dust. It can be used to protect several workplaces (workplace ventilation). The main filtering elements are […]

STOM 2020, Kielce 22-24.09.2020

CleanAir devices ensure dust extraction and efficient filter ventilation, supporting the work of laser and plasma cutting machines. In the photos: CleanAir 8000 at the STOM 2020 fair in Kielce (Poland).


Solenoid valves

Electromagnetic diaphragm valves are used to control the flow of the working medium, working in two positions: fully open or fully closed. It can be used as an actuator that operates on the basis of the current signal received from the controller. The controller can be, for example, a timer or an ordinary manual switch.