STOM 2020, Kielce 22-24.09.2020

CleanAir devices ensure dust extraction and efficient filter ventilation, supporting the work of laser and plasma cutting machines. In the photos: CleanAir 8000 at the STOM 2020 fair in Kielce (Poland).


Solenoid valves

Electromagnetic diaphragm valves are used to control the flow of the working medium, working in two positions: fully open or fully closed. It can be used as an actuator that operates on the basis of the current signal received from the controller. The controller can be, for example, a timer or an ordinary manual switch.

Precoat powder

Powder that absorbs moisture and grease impurities in the exhausted air from workstations. Used for spraying on the filtering surface of cartridges; it improves their operation and extends their life. Precoat is available in 125-liter bags. ASP equipment or modules are used for powder dosing.

filtry powietrza

Filter inserts and mats

Produced in different classes and sizes, available in sheets and rolls. They have different material properties depending on the type of contamination and working environment. The mats can be synthetic, glass or impregnated with active carbon.

akcesoria wentylacyjne

Ventilation accessories

Our offer includes a wide range of elements for building ventilation systems.Spiro pipes, circular and rectangular fittings, air intakes and air outlets. We also manufacture non-standard elements on individual customer orders.